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Where did the name Amelia Park come from?


Impress your dinner guests and family


Amelia Park Lamb & Beef is grown naturally and carefully selected from the best pristine farms of Western Australia.

We source from a handful of the best lamb and beef farmers in Western Australia, all of whom have a strict feeding regime to ensure they produce a very clean product. We carefully select the best of the best lamb and beef from these top breeders for the Amelia Park range and put it through a strict selection criteria, which it must pass, before becoming an Amelia Park product.

This means that when you purchase an Amelia Park lamb or beef product you can be confident that is is the very best of the best from Western Australia.

Established in 1957 as a family owned business, we have grown to be one of the most admired agribusinesses in Western Australia with world class processing facilities and world class experts producing our products.

Amelia Park Lamb and Beef products are available in local supermarket, butchers, specialty food stories and leading restaurants.

We’re proud to offer our great products in export markets around the world.