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Who is Amelia Park?

We are a West Australian, family owned and operated business and have been since 1957.

We are not interested in producing anything other than the very best lamb and beef products.
This is why we;

  • only source our meat from a handful of the very best farmers in the pristine South West of Western Australia,
  • process Amelia Park Lamb & Beef at Western Australia's, if not Australia's, best meat processing plant, V&V Walsh, and
  • have the world's leading meat and small good experts overseeing day-to-day operations.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer Amelia Park Lamb & Beef products, not only to fine dining restaurants as we have in the past, but to every West Aussie via your local supermarket, butcher and speciality food store. If you would like to locate your nearest Amelia Park outlet please click here> or to enquire about purchasing Amelia Park wholesale please email us >.


Amelia Park lamb & beef is grown naturally in the pristine South West of Western Australia.

We source from a handful of the best lamb and beef farmers in this area, all of whom have a strict feeding regime to ensure they produce a very clean product. We hand select the best of the best lamb and beef from these top breeders for the Amelia Park range and put it through a strict selection criteria, which it must pass, before becoming an Amelia Park product. This means that when you purchase an Amelia Park lamb or beef product you can be confident that is is the very best of the best from Western Australia.



They include;

  • Multi award winning Chef Neal Jackson of Jackson's Restaurant, who works closely with Amelia Park to perfect the best herbs and spices to go with our lamb & beef products. Neal is also working on a range of Amelia Park sauces and marinades to complement our meat products. We hope to launch this range through stores soon.
  • We have an extremely experienced team of butchers to ensure Amelia Park meat is cut perfectly.
  • A recent recruit from South Africa, a small goods expert, is overseeing the processing of our new small goods range which includes beef sausages & burgers.
  • Amelia Park has partnered with Jimmy Watson winning winemaker, Jeremy Gordon, to produce a range of Amelia Park wines to complement our lamb and beef products. Launched in September 2010, our wines are available in leading restaurants and wine stores throughout Australia, the United Kingdom and China. To find out more about Amelia Park Wines or to purchase them on-line please visit



The Amelia Park property is located in Vasse Western Australia and has been owned by the Walsh Family for over 50 years.

Originally the property was used to run beef. Today, it has been transformed into a state-of-the-art horse racing stud & adjistment.

The Walsh family also own V&V Walsh, Western Australia's largest meat processing facility, located in Bunbury. This is where Amelia Park products are processed.

V&V Walsh was established by Mr Vern & Mrs Jean Walsh in 1957. Their son's Peter and Greg Walsh own and operate the business today. Peter and Greg are the men behind the Amelia Park brand. Which they started in the mid 1990's. Amelia Park has grown to become an international business.

Amelia Park products are currently exported around the globe to China, Japan, Hong Kong, Mauritius and The Phillipines. With a permanent office in China.



This is an interesting tale. It dates back to when Busselton, in Western Australia, was still a settler community in the early 1900's. Their was lady by the name of Amelia Curtis who took over her father's farm when he died. Miss Curtis never married or had children and ran the family farm single-handedly. When a young Mr & Mrs Walsh met Amelia she was in her mid 70s and still farming on her own, while riding horses in her spare time. This extraodinary pioneering women had quite an impact on Mr & Mrs Walsh, who purchased a property from her. When Mr & Mrs Walsh later bought another property, they named it Amelia Park in tribute to this remarkable pioneering lady.

This property is still called Amelia Park and the family decided to name their business after this property.


At Amelia Park we are always looking to future. We frequently travel the world in the quest to promote West Australian produce and to identify new ideas for our business.

We envision that one day Amelia Park will represent the very best produce from Western Australia and promote it to the world. While our focus will always remain on our core business of producing the best West Australian lamb and beef, we see ourselves branching out into new industries as well. Just as we have with Amelia Park Wines and Amelia Park Horse Racing.

We have an open mind regarding where the future may take Amelia Park. We will just see what opportunities come our way. Watch this space!


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