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Amelia Park Lamb

We hand select the best lamb from these top breeders. It must then pass our strict Amelia Park lamb selection criteria before becoming Amelia Park Lamb. This is to ensure that when you purchse an Amelia Park Lamb product you are buying the best of the best lamb from Western Australia.

Over the past 15 years we have become famous for our lamb rack. This product is highly sought after by Restaurants across Australia. Now, some of our lesser known lamb cuts are also gaining the attention they deserve including the lamb roast, shank, eye of loin, shoulder and tenderloin.

An Amelia Park Lamb take-home range is now available through Woolworths and IGA stores in Western Australia. This range includes; lamb roasts, premium lamb cuts and easy carve legs. All of which are destined to become weekly shopping must-haves.

You will also find Amelia Park Lamb products in your local speciality food store and fine dining restaurants around the world.

For some great ideas on how to cook with our Amelia Park Lamb products please visit our recipe page. Here you will find a selection of lamb recipes hand crafted by multi-award winning Chef, Neal Jackson.

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