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Amelia Park Beef

Amelia Park beef is from the pristine South West of Western Australia. It is selected from a small number of the best farmers in this area who have a strict feeding regime to ensure a very clean product.

We hand select only the very best beef and then put it through our strict Amelia Park Beef selection criteria before we allow it to be branded Amelia Park. Our beef carcass ranges from 220kg to 280kg. There has to be a fat depth of no more than 8mm, which is a very high standard to have. Then there is the meat-colour criteria and the fat-colour criteria. Our selection criteria ensures that when you purchase Amelia Park Beef you are buying the best beef in Western Australia.


An Amelia Park Beef take-home range is now available through Woolworths and IGA stores in Western Australia. This range of beef includes; eye fillet, burgers, sausages and much, much more. All of which are destined to become weekly shopping must-haves.

You will also find Amelia Park Beef products in your local speciality food store and fine dining restaurants across Australia.

For some great ideas on how to cook with our Amelia Park Beef please visit our recipe page. Here you will find beef cooking tips plus a selection of recipes hand crafted by multi-award winning Chef, Neal Jackson.

Amelia Park Beef Fillet Amelia Park Beef Sausages Amelia Park Beef Burger Chef Neal Jackson, Amelia Park's Flavour Consultant


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